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Společnost České překlady s.r.o.

České překlady s.r.o. is a translation agency. Committed to delivering first-rate services, the agency provides translations and interpreting in all major languages. Its client base includes leading corporations and public authorities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The agency was happy to promptly translate the website and presentations for The Foundation for Premature Children and Their Families.

Our thanks go especially to Václav Baláček and Lukáš Utíkal!

České překlady s.r.o. and the company’s management team often give assistance to charities, non-profit and cultural organisations, be it in the form of services provided free of charge or donations. We believe that willingness to help should be an integral part of both private life and business.

Jiří Janíček Czech designer and architect

Jiří designed the logo of The Foundation for Premature Children and Their Families. We could not decide what the logo should look like. We wanted it to feature the full, albeit long, name of our foundation. As we desired to remain transparent, we were opposed to using any diminutives. Jiří followed the brief and came up not only with a logo but also with an interesting story behind it.

"I admire people who, in these busy and impersonal times, look for ways and means to help individuals and families overlooked by the system and the state. Although graphic design is not my primary activity, I took the brief as a challenge and tried to express the Foundation’s mission artistically. Once again, a high-quality and open brief proved to be a solid basis for work - the story is key and then everything else goes smoothly."

Jiří Janíček focuses on providing Internet services including web design, Internet application programming, graphic design, updating and related services. The company was founded by Dan Kysela.

Our paths crossed because our children shared the same fate. We met in an intensive care unit for premature babies where our children were hospitalised. He told me where to buy a special positioning tool that gives a baby in an incubator the feeling of being in his parent’s arms. That was four years ago. Now, Dan is helping again. He has designed and administers the website of The Foundation for Premature Children and Their Families.

NKL Žofín Agency

The Žofín Palace is an architectural gem and a venue for a variety of prestigious events attended by world-class foreign and Czech artists, economists and politicians. It is also a venue where guests come in their thousands to enjoy balls, draw inspiration at fashion shows and attend other social events organised by the NKL Žofín Agency with extensive support of its partners. The NKL Žofín Agency also organises various educational concerts for schoolchildren. Providing support to The Foundation for Premature Children is not the Agency’s only charitable activity. We annually donate hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns to the First Medical Faculty of Charles University to support oncology research.

We wish all families of premature babies that their children grow into healthy, happy and satisfied visitors of the Žofín Palace and that they can enjoy the beauty of the palace and the programmes we offer.

Fundation ČEZ

The ČEZ Foundation was established in 2002 as one of the first corporate foundations in the Czech Republic. Every year we support a multitude of projects that respond to current social needs. Our Orange Steps project helps integrate pupils and students with disabilities, Orange Playgrounds provide a safe place for kids and adults to play, Orange Classrooms support the teaching of technical subjects at primary and secondary schools and the Support to Regions project fosters community life. The Orange Wheel project engages the public in charitable work, illuminated orange crossings improve pedestrian safety and the Trees project brings new greenery to towns and villages.

Fundation ČEZ